The Game Report (Issue #1)

Game Date: May 23, 235 PI (Post-Invasion)

Real Date: January 10th, 2009

The 5th Anniversary of The Great Fernswarthy’s disappearance. Almost to this very date (May 24th, 230 PI) the great wizard Fredrick Fernswarthy disappeared mysteriously after a terrible fire swept through his tower in Raven’s Gate pass. The fire destroyed nearly the entire tower leaving only a burnt-out husk of stone and no remains of the grand old wizard were found.

With the appearance of orc soldiers in the pass bearing the mark of the Kunzar Kingdom to the south, local authorities grow concerned of an impeding attack by the mighty nation of lizard folk without The Great Fernswarthy to guard their only way into our sovereign nation of Centralia.

300 years of Kunzar rule. This year marks the three hundred year of the mysterious appearance and rise to power of the Kunzar tribe of the southern kingdom. Little is still known of these strange lizard men who are reportedly not of this world, according to rumors. They appeared from the Shadow Frontier Mountians and quickly and viciously swept over the old Thorak Empire to the south and took the capitol, leaving very few survivors. Of the survivors willing to report, the lizard men wielded power and mysterious magic that brought unspeakable destruction.

Few refugees still live of the Thorak Empire that still wish to tell the stories of the Kunzar Assault and the king has decreed that a committee, The Kunzar Inquiry Council, be assembled to gather their knowledge for Centralia’s survival.

Silence falls on Raven’s Gate Pass. The local rumor mill is in upheaval, as there appears to be no activity from the landmark of concern. Even the orc campfires that could be seen from the entry of the pass have gone dark causing rumors to spread of an impeding attack despite scout reports stating there are no troupe movements.

Reginald’s 5th Brigade disbanded. With 50 more of the casualties dead due to a strange illness over the last month, including Montgomery Reginald himself, only seventeen men remain of the once great three thousand strong brigade. Kunzar forces deep within Raven’s Gate Pass decimated the brigade when they met heavy orc resistance and Kunzar magic. The loss of Regie’s 5th leaves the Shadow Frontier currently unoccupied by Centralia forces, although there are rumors afoot of several secret units carefully monitoring the frontier threats. It is speculated though that these rumors are being spread only to calm local residents.

Calling all Mercenaries! The king’s inner circle has recently met with the five local mercenary guilds to make contract arrangements to reoccupy the Shadow Frontier. Although these talks are being kept hush-hush, word has it that The Band of the Hawk will be taking up the main role of protecting the southern kingdom from Kunzar invasion.

Welcome to the “Crossroads” Campagine. Good luck and may the force be with you. Most importantly have fun, because that’s what its all about!



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