The Game Report (Issue #2)

Game Date: May 25, 235 PI (Post-Invasion)

Real Date: Febuary 7th, 2009

Hawk’s Homecoming. That’s right people of the Shadow Frontier, your beloved Band of the Hawk is coming home. A contract has just been signed with the kingdom and Hawks’ leader Tony Carterus which will bring all the Hawk’s, except for a small group on an undisclosed mission, back to the Shadow Frontier to replace the fallen Regie’s 5th. This news comes as an uplifting motivator for many locals with the threat of Kunzar invasion.

The five thousand strong Band of the Hawk will be accompanied by five hundred regular infantry to protect the Shadow Frontier from invasion, although unit the regular infantry has yet to be determined locals are relieved to see more and more members of the beloved mercenary guild filling the streets of Bloomingpoint.

Operation: Oubliette. Word has it that the Hawk’s leader, Tony Carterus, has been ordered by the king to dispatch a small group to sabotage any possible Kunzar efforts to move an army through Raven’s Gate Pass. And although the king’s inner circle denies the rumor, reports have it that one of the king’s top alchemists has been seen entering the Hawk’s Headquarters. Is the king’s inner circle hiding the truth? Only time will tell.

Suspicion of further Kunzar influence. Scouts have reported seeing a strange lizard like creature moving amongst the goblinoid numbers that roam the shadow frontier. Although it is uncertain if this creature is a Kunzarian it is possible that this lizard like creature is the cause of the strange habit changes in the goblinoid lifestyles as well as their battle tactics.

The Silence has been broken. After weeks of inactivity in Raven’s Gate Pass, reports have it that a Goliath child from a thought to be long dead tribe, has emerged with news of activity. The child was in poor health and luckly the Band of the Hawk was in the area, surveying for encampment. Quickly the Hawk’s second in command and head healer, Zandra Strongarm, whisked the child away for medical attention. No comments have been made of the child’s condition or the message he carried.

Rumors from the event have it that several Goliath tribes have survived the genocide brought on by the Kunzar empire and currently are holding back Kunzar advancement into the pass.

Job well done! The group has successfully infiltrated “The goblin storehouse” and located the secret entrance that leads into Raven’s Gate pass. Their efforts has earned each of them 4000 experience once the guardian to the entrance (Night Hag) is defeated. (James, John, Scott, Shawn, Al)



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