The Game Report (Issue #3)

Game Date: May 29, 235 PI (Post-Invasion

Real Date: Febuary 14th, 2009

Assassination attempt on the king’s life. Thanks to the quick work of the royal church the king has survived an attempt on his life. Officials are not revealing much information as the investigation into the assassination attempt continues but there are rumors that members of The Band of the Hawk are involved.

Hawk’s leader missing. The infamous leader of the Hawk’s Tony Carterus has gone missing. Little is known about his disappearance. He was last seen surveying the Hawk’s new encampment outside the entrance to Raven’s Gate. Speculation is that Kunzar agents have abducted him to hinder the kingdom’s efforts to protect itself from invasion. It is also rumor that it is somehow related to the kings assassination attempt given the timing of the beloved icons disappearance.

Kunzar spies among us? Over the last few weeks more and more “strangers” have appeared in the kingdom, Bloomingpoint alone has seen an increase with its inn’s revenue. Have the Kunzar somehow learned to disguise their appearance? Learned our language and habits?

Authorities are investigating this phenomenon, but public and private freedom laws are hindering their efforts.

Truce to the North. Our beloved Queen has negotiated a cease hostilities act between our forces and the Prodencia landowners to the north. The truce has come after nearly 220 years of war between our neighbors and us. How long will the peace hold? Only time will tell, but hopes are high that the peace will survive long enough until the threat to the south has subsided.

Job well done! The group has successfully defeated the guardian and navigated the Umber Hulk lair. Then found “The Great Stair” where they began their uneventful four-day trek down the stairs leading to the dwarven stronghold, Citidel. Once there they defeated the horde of Grimlocks that had taken up residence in the entrance hall of the long lost dwarven castle. Their efforts earned each of them (James, Al, Shaun, Scott, John) 2000 experience.



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