The Game Report (Issue #4)

Game Date: June 10th, 235 PI (Post-Invasion)

Real Date: March 7th, 2009

Operation: Oubliette has failed? Well into its third week of existence little reports have been made from the small group dispatched into Raven’s Gate Pass. Although the king’s court has denied the rumors, word has it that the group has been captured or even killed by Kunzar spies and the mission was a complete failure. When the king’s court was questioned on the matter Head Chancellor Mabus had this to say, “It (mission failure) has not been brought to my attention and since I am the one that requested Operation: Oubliette to be launched, all mission reports have been brought to me. Rest assured the operation is still in progress and will succeed.”

Skirmishes are currently being fought in Raven’s Gate Pass. Hawk’s second in command Zandra Strongarm has confirmed reports of a resistance to Kunzar invasion. A guerilla effort lead by one of the Hawk’s top scouts has gathered forces of Goliath and Dwarf refugees that were hiding in the mountains. While the success of the effort is clouded with speculation, Zandra has promised that the effort is doing its part in halting the advancement of Kunzar troops through the pass.

Mel’s Entertainment Troupe has arrived! That’s right M.E.T.s band of wandering minstrels and actors has returned! Just finishing up their tour of the Sharin Grasslands they will make their first appearance at The Crippled Harlot in Bloomingpoint on June 15th and will be staying in town for five days! Make sure to set time to see them perform.

The Natives are Restless. For the last four days goblinkin of all kinds have been highly active. From relocating their encampments to all out attacks on the homesteads spread throughout the countryside. Authorities have no information to provide an explanation other than “Its that time of season.”

With the rumors of failure on Operation: Oubliette, the suspected abduction of Hawk’s leader Tony Carterus, and now the increase of the Goblinkin activities many locals are doubting the kingdom’s ability to protect its southern borders as many have begun to pack up their belongings and head to the safety of the north.

King is recovering. Despite the attempt on his life, the king is well on his way to recovery. The only information released on his condition is that he is awake and conscious. Very little information has been released on the attempt but Kunzar spies has been added to the list of suspects. Also Head Chancellor Mabus was question in private on the matter. No other information was released.

Job well done! The group has successfully made it through the ancient dwarven stronghold of Citadel and located the entrance that leads into the mines, which will take them to Raven’s Gate pass. Their efforts have earned each of them 6000 experience (John, Shawn, Al). Those who where not present (James, Scott) have earned 3,000 experience.

Bill’s Birthday bash! That’s right folks its my birthday I will be 1 year closer to the top of the hill (only 4 years to go). To celebrate, Micky of ROE games will be hosting a 1 time Mutants and Masterminds game. This game will be designed for one of my superhero characters that I have had for a very long time that is being re-mastered to the new M&M game system. The game will be on Friday, March 20th, 2009. The exact time is TBA; see me this game session if you are interested in playing. Hope to see you all there!

Losing a member Due to his new job James will no longer be able to game with us on Saturday. This change is indefinite and we all hope he can return to game with us on Saturdays sometime in the future.



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