The Game Report (Issue #4)

Game Date: June 10th, 235 PI (Post-Invasion)

Real Date: March 7th, 2009

Operation: Oubliette has failed? Well into its third week of existence little reports have been made from the small group dispatched into Raven’s Gate Pass. Although the king’s court has denied the rumors, word has it that the group has been captured or even killed by Kunzar spies and the mission was a complete failure. When the king’s court was questioned on the matter Head Chancellor Mabus had this to say, “It (mission failure) has not been brought to my attention and since I am the one that requested Operation: Oubliette to be launched, all mission reports have been brought to me. Rest assured the operation is still in progress and will succeed.”

Skirmishes are currently being fought in Raven’s Gate Pass. Hawk’s second in command Zandra Strongarm has confirmed reports of a resistance to Kunzar invasion. A guerilla effort lead by one of the Hawk’s top scouts has gathered forces of Goliath and Dwarf refugees that were hiding in the mountains. While the success of the effort is clouded with speculation, Zandra has promised that the effort is doing its part in halting the advancement of Kunzar troops through the pass.

Mel’s Entertainment Troupe has arrived! That’s right M.E.T.s band of wandering minstrels and actors has returned! Just finishing up their tour of the Sharin Grasslands they will make their first appearance at The Crippled Harlot in Bloomingpoint on June 15th and will be staying in town for five days! Make sure to set time to see them perform.

The Natives are Restless. For the last four days goblinkin of all kinds have been highly active. From relocating their encampments to all out attacks on the homesteads spread throughout the countryside. Authorities have no information to provide an explanation other than “Its that time of season.”

With the rumors of failure on Operation: Oubliette, the suspected abduction of Hawk’s leader Tony Carterus, and now the increase of the Goblinkin activities many locals are doubting the kingdom’s ability to protect its southern borders as many have begun to pack up their belongings and head to the safety of the north.

King is recovering. Despite the attempt on his life, the king is well on his way to recovery. The only information released on his condition is that he is awake and conscious. Very little information has been released on the attempt but Kunzar spies has been added to the list of suspects. Also Head Chancellor Mabus was question in private on the matter. No other information was released.

Job well done! The group has successfully made it through the ancient dwarven stronghold of Citadel and located the entrance that leads into the mines, which will take them to Raven’s Gate pass. Their efforts have earned each of them 6000 experience (John, Shawn, Al). Those who where not present (James, Scott) have earned 3,000 experience.

Bill’s Birthday bash! That’s right folks its my birthday I will be 1 year closer to the top of the hill (only 4 years to go). To celebrate, Micky of ROE games will be hosting a 1 time Mutants and Masterminds game. This game will be designed for one of my superhero characters that I have had for a very long time that is being re-mastered to the new M&M game system. The game will be on Friday, March 20th, 2009. The exact time is TBA; see me this game session if you are interested in playing. Hope to see you all there!

Losing a member Due to his new job James will no longer be able to game with us on Saturday. This change is indefinite and we all hope he can return to game with us on Saturdays sometime in the future.

The Game Report (Issue #3)

Game Date: May 29, 235 PI (Post-Invasion

Real Date: Febuary 14th, 2009

Assassination attempt on the king’s life. Thanks to the quick work of the royal church the king has survived an attempt on his life. Officials are not revealing much information as the investigation into the assassination attempt continues but there are rumors that members of The Band of the Hawk are involved.

Hawk’s leader missing. The infamous leader of the Hawk’s Tony Carterus has gone missing. Little is known about his disappearance. He was last seen surveying the Hawk’s new encampment outside the entrance to Raven’s Gate. Speculation is that Kunzar agents have abducted him to hinder the kingdom’s efforts to protect itself from invasion. It is also rumor that it is somehow related to the kings assassination attempt given the timing of the beloved icons disappearance.

Kunzar spies among us? Over the last few weeks more and more “strangers” have appeared in the kingdom, Bloomingpoint alone has seen an increase with its inn’s revenue. Have the Kunzar somehow learned to disguise their appearance? Learned our language and habits?

Authorities are investigating this phenomenon, but public and private freedom laws are hindering their efforts.

Truce to the North. Our beloved Queen has negotiated a cease hostilities act between our forces and the Prodencia landowners to the north. The truce has come after nearly 220 years of war between our neighbors and us. How long will the peace hold? Only time will tell, but hopes are high that the peace will survive long enough until the threat to the south has subsided.

Job well done! The group has successfully defeated the guardian and navigated the Umber Hulk lair. Then found “The Great Stair” where they began their uneventful four-day trek down the stairs leading to the dwarven stronghold, Citidel. Once there they defeated the horde of Grimlocks that had taken up residence in the entrance hall of the long lost dwarven castle. Their efforts earned each of them (James, Al, Shaun, Scott, John) 2000 experience.

The Game Report (Issue #2)

Game Date: May 25, 235 PI (Post-Invasion)

Real Date: Febuary 7th, 2009

Hawk’s Homecoming. That’s right people of the Shadow Frontier, your beloved Band of the Hawk is coming home. A contract has just been signed with the kingdom and Hawks’ leader Tony Carterus which will bring all the Hawk’s, except for a small group on an undisclosed mission, back to the Shadow Frontier to replace the fallen Regie’s 5th. This news comes as an uplifting motivator for many locals with the threat of Kunzar invasion.

The five thousand strong Band of the Hawk will be accompanied by five hundred regular infantry to protect the Shadow Frontier from invasion, although unit the regular infantry has yet to be determined locals are relieved to see more and more members of the beloved mercenary guild filling the streets of Bloomingpoint.

Operation: Oubliette. Word has it that the Hawk’s leader, Tony Carterus, has been ordered by the king to dispatch a small group to sabotage any possible Kunzar efforts to move an army through Raven’s Gate Pass. And although the king’s inner circle denies the rumor, reports have it that one of the king’s top alchemists has been seen entering the Hawk’s Headquarters. Is the king’s inner circle hiding the truth? Only time will tell.

Suspicion of further Kunzar influence. Scouts have reported seeing a strange lizard like creature moving amongst the goblinoid numbers that roam the shadow frontier. Although it is uncertain if this creature is a Kunzarian it is possible that this lizard like creature is the cause of the strange habit changes in the goblinoid lifestyles as well as their battle tactics.

The Silence has been broken. After weeks of inactivity in Raven’s Gate Pass, reports have it that a Goliath child from a thought to be long dead tribe, has emerged with news of activity. The child was in poor health and luckly the Band of the Hawk was in the area, surveying for encampment. Quickly the Hawk’s second in command and head healer, Zandra Strongarm, whisked the child away for medical attention. No comments have been made of the child’s condition or the message he carried.

Rumors from the event have it that several Goliath tribes have survived the genocide brought on by the Kunzar empire and currently are holding back Kunzar advancement into the pass.

Job well done! The group has successfully infiltrated “The goblin storehouse” and located the secret entrance that leads into Raven’s Gate pass. Their efforts has earned each of them 4000 experience once the guardian to the entrance (Night Hag) is defeated. (James, John, Scott, Shawn, Al)

The Game Report (Issue #1)

Game Date: May 23, 235 PI (Post-Invasion)

Real Date: January 10th, 2009

The 5th Anniversary of The Great Fernswarthy’s disappearance. Almost to this very date (May 24th, 230 PI) the great wizard Fredrick Fernswarthy disappeared mysteriously after a terrible fire swept through his tower in Raven’s Gate pass. The fire destroyed nearly the entire tower leaving only a burnt-out husk of stone and no remains of the grand old wizard were found.

With the appearance of orc soldiers in the pass bearing the mark of the Kunzar Kingdom to the south, local authorities grow concerned of an impeding attack by the mighty nation of lizard folk without The Great Fernswarthy to guard their only way into our sovereign nation of Centralia.

300 years of Kunzar rule. This year marks the three hundred year of the mysterious appearance and rise to power of the Kunzar tribe of the southern kingdom. Little is still known of these strange lizard men who are reportedly not of this world, according to rumors. They appeared from the Shadow Frontier Mountians and quickly and viciously swept over the old Thorak Empire to the south and took the capitol, leaving very few survivors. Of the survivors willing to report, the lizard men wielded power and mysterious magic that brought unspeakable destruction.

Few refugees still live of the Thorak Empire that still wish to tell the stories of the Kunzar Assault and the king has decreed that a committee, The Kunzar Inquiry Council, be assembled to gather their knowledge for Centralia’s survival.

Silence falls on Raven’s Gate Pass. The local rumor mill is in upheaval, as there appears to be no activity from the landmark of concern. Even the orc campfires that could be seen from the entry of the pass have gone dark causing rumors to spread of an impeding attack despite scout reports stating there are no troupe movements.

Reginald’s 5th Brigade disbanded. With 50 more of the casualties dead due to a strange illness over the last month, including Montgomery Reginald himself, only seventeen men remain of the once great three thousand strong brigade. Kunzar forces deep within Raven’s Gate Pass decimated the brigade when they met heavy orc resistance and Kunzar magic. The loss of Regie’s 5th leaves the Shadow Frontier currently unoccupied by Centralia forces, although there are rumors afoot of several secret units carefully monitoring the frontier threats. It is speculated though that these rumors are being spread only to calm local residents.

Calling all Mercenaries! The king’s inner circle has recently met with the five local mercenary guilds to make contract arrangements to reoccupy the Shadow Frontier. Although these talks are being kept hush-hush, word has it that The Band of the Hawk will be taking up the main role of protecting the southern kingdom from Kunzar invasion.

Welcome to the “Crossroads” Campagine. Good luck and may the force be with you. Most importantly have fun, because that’s what its all about!


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