Centrailia (Commonly known as the Corelands) is a constitutional monarchy comprised of seven provinces, each ruled by a member of the Parliament. With the Kunzar occupying the Old Thorak empire to the south, the Sharin grasslands and the pirate lords of the Dunfarruan Coast to the east, the technologically advanced gnomes of Tinhakin to the west and the hostile Prodencia landlords to the north; Centrailia is much the landlocked kingdom and has little to no naval presence on Eros.

With 1.2 million citizens Centrailia is the largest kingdom on all of Eros as well as the most ethnically diverse (it stands as the only kingdom on Eros to have abolished all laws that would persecute any one particular creature). The kingdom has the second or third largest economical status in all of Eros, with a 234 P.I. gross product of 7.4 trillion gp value. (18% of Eros’s total)

Little is known of Centrailia before the great fall, other than its current capital of Ashford was the greatest city in all of Eros as well as the Colthorian capital before the fall of the great kingdom. Little is known of that time and the chaos that in sued, but one thing was clear, that greed and corruption overwhelmed the ruling body of Colthor. The few surviving records of the time referred to it as The Council of 11. This in turn, caused infighting amongst the council members and soon a civil war began. Now named the Endless War, it lasted for countless generations until social collapse ended it which began the era of The Dark Times.

During the Dark Times, Baldric Reginald grew in power and led a large army (Legends say he was a descendant of the general of the great Coltharian Army). Quickly he placed his men on what now is the borders of Centrailia. Once he accomplished the task of securing the new borders he turned his attention to the kingdoms remaining interior where social upheaval had broken out. Despite his efforts to bring order to the chaos, he died before his dream of order in the new found kingdom could be realized. His son Baldric Reginald II continued to pursue his fathers dream until he achieved order in -2345 P.I.

With order established, many came forward claiming to be the long lost decadents of The Council of 11. Each desiring ruler ship of the new kingdom. Baldric Reginald II turned them all away when they failed to provide proof of their linage, until -2308 P.I. when Sandra Richards came forth with the Rights to Freedoms Act. An authentic Coltharian Document which was signed by all the members of The Council of the 11 (Which included Sandra’s ancestor, the King, and the General of the army (Baldric’s ancestor).

With no one to contest Sandra’s claim she was ordained queen.


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