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The History of the World of Eros

For hundreds of years the world of Eros was unified under the rule of the great kingdom of Colthor. Slowly after unification was achieved, over the course of seven hundred years, corruption and ambition slowly overcame The Council of 11 until a breaking point brought The Endless War and the collapse of The Great Union. Little is known of this time as in the following Chaos most written records were either destroyed by war or safe guarded for prosperity, the knowledge of their location lost in the folds of time.

In the several generations of chaos that followed the “Great Fall” a unique situation was created. Many of the Colthorian garrisons, being locally born to the provinces of Centrailia, Thorak and Prodencia, identified more with the lands of their birth than that of the unified Colthor, and thus seceeded with their respective lands. Once the chaos ended those not part of these three lands became displaced. This left a massive surplus of professional soldiers with no local lords for them to follow, which lead them to begin working for the highest bidder. Due to their training and discipline these new mercenary units came into high demand in the new fledgling kingdoms, which now lacked military strength.

To prevent the formation of fraudulent Mercenary Companies and to insure a positive work ethic among genuine Mercenary Companies a guild was formed to govern all operations and maintain contract integrity. Not only did this promise a quality service from the newly formed companies it also provided a reputable employment structure for those individuals and small groups that were not associated with the larger companies. This in turn created major growth in the freelance mercenary field which flourishes to this day.

With the formation of the Mercenary Guild, the life of a mercenary has become a professional career for the individual and a business institution to groups.

Countries, Kingdoms and Seats of Power

There are many forms of government on the world of Eros. Everything from Kingdoms under the control of a monarchy, a collection of land lords under a commonwealth, to lands that have no laws filled with roaming nomads. Below are a list of those in power on Eros.

  • Centrailia
  • Kunzar
  • Prodencia (Commonwealth of Land Lords)
  • Borin (Replublic, ruled by a council)
  • Dunfarruan Coast (Lawless group of pirate states)
  • Tinhakin (Federation of Gnomish Territories with an elected ruler. Also the source of Eros technology including gunpowder. Is neutral)
  • The Northern Reachs (Collection of tribes no centralized form of government)
  • Sharin (Collection of nomadic tribes ruled by a council)

List of Mercenary Companies

  • The Band of the Hawk
    • (NPC)Leader – Tony Carterus
    • (PC)Liaison to Centrailia and Leader of Operation:Oubliette – Baldred
    • (PC) Scout/Operation:Oubliette – Snake
  • Shadow of the Raven

Centrailian Chief Alchemist

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